When deciding to pursue a passion for music and tattoos in Kansas City, Missouri, Kordero “Kstylis” Williams almost never got a chance to become the “ King of Twerk”. Living on his own at the age of 17, the aspiring musician found himself too tattooed for a 9 to 5. Stylis continued to stay afloat while carving his niche in KC’s rap-dominate street music scene.

After getting his feet on solid ground in 2010, the resilient rapper put his musical grind into overdrive linking up with renowned Kansas City producer Pretty Boi Beats. The collaboration was fruitful, and Kstylis soon started to make his lane in the “twerk” genre with local rump shaking hits “Gone Do That There” and “Work That Monkey.” Determined not to lose, he worked himself sick, literally.

Soon, he was churning out fanny fluttering anthems like, “Hands Up, Get Low,” “Booty Hopscotch” and “Trampoline Booty”. “Hands Up Get Low” broke Kstylis’ career by going to #1 in 2011, which made him an internationally known viral sensation amassing over 50 million views to his YouTube page. “King of Twerk,” took his movement nationwide, headlining two sold out tours – Hands Up, Get Low and So You Think You Can Twerk (2012) – as well as collaborating with YG, Beat King, YV da BG, Cash Out, Dorrough, Nelly, Soulja Boy,Tech N9ne and Internet starlets The Twerk Team.

After the massive success of “Booty Me Down” Kstylis (2012) which sold over 200K copies and peaked at #27 on Billboard, he focused on touring and building a closer connection with his fans for the better part of the year.  In 2014, Kstylis crossed genres when he linked up with Diplo on Twitter. The two immediately began to work together and churned out the single “6th Gear” off Diplo’s EP entitled Random White Dude Be Everywhere. This was his first venture into the world of EDM and spawned a number of remixes for the song.

Now Kstylis is in full form. “Stripping the Walk” is approaching the 1 million mark on Youtube, while his Facebook also approaches the 1M mark. Now, with the the release of his new EP  “I AM Kstylis,” the next chapter of Twerk is underway

Bounce Whip (Bonus Track) // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS
  1. Bounce Whip (Bonus Track) // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS
  2. Holy Moly // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS
  3. F*ck It // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS
  4. Hot to Handle // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS
  5. Bad B*tches // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS
  6. Boomerang // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS
  7. Diamond Diabetes // KSTYLIS - I AM KSTYLIS